What is Pathways?

Pathways is the Toastmasters education system. It is designed to help you grow as a speaker and a leader. You begin by logging onto Toastmasters International and completing an assessment. This assessment will give you a suggested Path for you to follow.

As you progress through Pathways, you will:

  • Practice and improve your communication and leadership skills.

  • Give speeches in your club based on assignments in Pathways.

  • Challenge yourself to build and refine competencies and skills.

  • Complete a range of projects that include persuasive speaking, motivating others, creating a podcast, and leading a group in a difficult situation.

There are ten Paths from which to choose. Each Path contains five levels. Each level contains a number of projects. Just remember P—L—P.

  • Path

  • Level

  • Project

Learning paths.jpg