Rokiatou N’Diaye, DTM

Outgoing District Director,  2019-2020

Dear District 94 leaders,

Dear Division Directors and Area Directors,

Dear Clubs Presidents and Vice Presidents Education


Dear Fellow members,


Three years ago, I asked for your vote and your favorable response and trust launched me into three years of leadership service culminating in my becoming your District Director. I would like to express how grateful I am to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to serve you.


With passion for excellence and a lofty vision for our District 94, I truly believe that many of our members discovered their true potential and became or are becoming champions of their lives.


When I look back at all the memorable moments I've had in the District, it's the people I remember the most.  The voyage was really exciting, full of joy and enrichment, despite the world pandemic. It was a journey of learning and leadership, of discipline and dedication, of growth, passion and self-discovery.


Thank you all for working so tirelessly in supporting our clubs and creating new clubs. Your resilience, kindness, passion, commitment and strength are truly inspiring. It has helped me, and the people we serve, throughout my leadership journey.


Now, the time has come to have another set of leaders in the driver’s  seat. I have no doubt that our new leaders will take our District to a higher height still ; and I am kindly inviting you to keep shining and to continue your passionate striving to move our district ever onwards with our goal being the very top in the Toastmasters’ world.


Thank you for having been such an inspiration.

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"Together, Let’s be inspired by the Passion for Excellence!"

May 1, 2020
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